Current assay turnaround time (TAT): 92.7 % less than 2 weeks
TAT Trending: Decreasing


Swastika Laboratories Ltd., also known locally as Swaslab, has been a trusted name in providing quality assay results to the minerals exploration industry for over 90 years.
  • Our Mission
    Our business mission is to provide customers with reliable and timely assay results that assist them in making expedient and effective business decisions and that support the value of their company interests.
  • Continuous Improvement
    To accomplish our mission, we are: continuing to invest in new services and equipment appropriate to our customers’ changing needs; providing employees with training and career development opportunities; maintaining a safe and secure work environment; dealing fairly with our vendors who provide important support products and services; and operating our business in a cost-effective and profitable manner.
  • Customers' First
    We endeavour to satisfy our customers' needs by: Being courteous and respectful to their representatives. Providing reliable assay results. Meeting reporting deadlines and other mutually agreed upon terms. Responding promptly to concerns, queries or misunderstandings. Offering options and solutions to any difficulties that may arise
  • Proficiency Testing Program
    Our laboratory regularly participates in the PTP-MAL or Proficiency Testing Program for Mineral Analysis Laboratories round-robin laboratory program provided by Natural Resources Canada for minerals containing gold, platinum, palladium, silver, copper, lead, zinc, cobalt and nickel. A copy of the latest certificate can be obtained by electronic mail upon request.
  • ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation
    Swastika Laboratories Ltd. has been accredited by Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation Inc (CALA) in meeting the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 for the following scope of tests:
    • Gold by fire assay with gravimetry finish
    • Gold by fire assay with flame atomic absorption spectroscopy finish (FAAS)
    • Gold by fire assay with microwave plasma atomic emission spectroscopy finish (MP-AES)
    • Silver, copper, and nickel by aqua regia digestion and FAAS finish

Our Services

  • Sample Preperation
    • Drying of samples at 80°C in a forced air circulation system.
    • Crushing to > 80% passing 1700 microns (10 mesh) using low chrome steel jaw plates
    • Splitting samples using a rotary splitter to obtain test samples and duplicates
    • Pulverizing to >90% passing 107 microns (150 mesh) using low chrome steel bowl sets
    • Or >90% passing 75 microns for multi element analysis
    • Re-blending of pulps (homogenizing) using a short pulverizing cycle
    • Screening of soil samples using an 80 mesh sieve to obtain a subsample for assay. Oversized material is normally discarded
  • Internal Quality Control
    Size testing of crushed and pulverized material is performed daily for each equipment. Replicate assays are performed and reported on the certificates for fire assay gold analysis. A method blank and certified reference material are applied and reported for each furnace load to monitor the fire assay process. Duplicate crushed samples are drawn at random during each shift and assayed to monitor precision. Crushed limestone blanks and pulverized silica blanks are assayed daily to monitor cross contamination of samples.